Important strains - the building of the Theo Weytjens long distance loft

Harinck-Poelmans (Genk BE) and Nouwen-Paesen (Grote Brogel BE)

The leading thread through the actual (2012) colony is the strain of Harinck-Poelmans and by extension the Nouwen-Paesen bloodlines.
The outline shows it better than words can do.

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Harinck-Poelmans were 1st national LD champions KBDB 1998

In 2007 Harinck-Poelmans win 1 nat. Barcelona with Camille, B5094750-01

Theo Weytjens also bought some direct Nouwen-Paesen:

  • Tetske, B5194143-00, which won 56 and 71 nat. Barcelona for Theo
  • Dam Mistral, B5272060-00. Mistral won 81 nat. Barcelona, 45 nat. Marseille
    This 060-00 was daughter of a full siter of the Superbreeder of Harinck-Poelmans.