Important strains - the building of the Theo Weytjens long distance loft

Desbuquois Brothers (Kapelle-o/d-Bos, BE)

Theo Weytjens is good friends with the Desbuquois Brothers whom he respects as Barcelona specialists.
Some of the top birds that Theo obtained at Kapelle-op-den-Bos:

  • B2284343-05, Sproet Desbuquois, daughter Lissa 89 nat. Barcelona
    Dam Bonte Barcelona (55 nat. Barcelona)
  • B2092294-08, Halfsister Roger Barcelona
  • B2259265-00, Zwarte Michel, son Thalys 37 nat. Barcelona
  • B5183807-09, Granddaughter Roger Barcelona (1 nat. Barcelona) via Albert Willems